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There has been a hiatus/break between blogs, apologies!

MUCH has happened over the past 7 months, PLEASINGLY, A LOT of good boatwork has been a big part of this! As well as recovering from body damage!

Recovering from X2 operations, 1 to my right knee, 1 to my left shoulder, getting the boatwork momentum back up and running, producing youtube videos, running my Patreon and other digital media as well as all of the other "usual daily life" responsibilities, as a one man show is A LOT of work for one!

As mentioned above, MUCH good boatwork has happened over the prior months including - installing some of the WRC VJ coachroof lining, making beautiful Rosewood galley cabinet doors, connecting SOLAR up to Mistress' 12V electrical system, getting the final cabin 2 mattress etc. made up, the HUGE MAKEOVER and work of topcoating Mistress' interior which has been SUCH an improvement to the aesthetics inside, permanently fitting galley, electrical, plumbing and other parts as well as the work started on fitting out the LAST space not done yet, the Heads (bathroom) plus another BIG panel making fest. for Mistress' aft cabins 2 & 3 and engine bay areas!

When casting my mind back to recall what has happened over these past months, it always surprises me as to how much work HAS actually been done as the visual changes and appearances come together, as I had planned so many years ago! In real time I am always kind of "cracking the whip" mentally on myself because of how always there is not enough progress been done!

As the old saying goes everybody, "getting there,..." and MUCH more to come soon ahead 😁 ‍⛵ 🙏

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