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The general and brief overview,...

Hi from the Sunshine Coast, Australia!

I hope that all is well for you, your family and friends!


What am I doing?

I have built, on my own, a 12m/40 ft. Van de Stadt designed steel sailing yacht, part-time over several years amongst all of the normal and necessary life demands, desires, responsibilities and yes some tough life times. Her registered name is "Mistress of Freedom", or "Mistress" in short. I have never built a (any) boat before! I THANKFULLY was able to FINALLY, albeit slowly, re-start the boatwork on Mistress in mid 2017 to start her fit-out to complete her and after being VERY inspired through finding and watching several fantastic youtube sailing channels, I decided to find and work out how to use a very old Canon Handycam that I had bought some 10 years before (my first ever, still new and unused, Ha!) and start videoing my boatwork,.... Then in late August 2018 I nervously made the bold decision to attempt to start a youtube channel to show what I had been doing, with the idea that "maybe" the boatwork that I was doing could be of a little interest and use to some other people doing or thinking of doing some boatwork of their own.


And so, not only have I been really enjoying putting together my youtube channel video's, but I have been very pleasantly and humbly surprised that there ARE some people interested in what I am up to, including my antics, and INCREDIBLY that there are people from literally right across this wonderful World, represented in some100+countries at this time! It really surprises me but also really EXCITES me! And looking ahead I would love to meet and get to know so many of these/you wonderful people, what a privilege and exciting thing this has started to become for me!


The future plans

The boatwork has been and is going well and I made some very significant life decisions since early 2017 that I have followed through with since particularly early 2018, that has put me in the position whereby I have, and am now committed full-time, to completing Mistress in order to FINALLY get her launched and in to that wonderful salty water to commence what she WAS built for - to sail, to sail the oceans and to sail around the World!

Also, as of this time now, "Building SY Mistress' " youtube channel really has become and IS a very important part of Mistress' journey and so it is also my committed plan to continue to document and show all of the hard work, achievements, trials, tough times and hopefully ahead the great sailing adventures and social times of meeting many interested people to join in with and along for those adventures and rewarding times ahead!


As mentioned above, I have now committed full-time to, and also cleared all of my other commitment decks, focusing on completing Mistress, and this includes that I have now resigned from my work, from my profession, with the mindset, the plan, the hope that I will not be returning to my work/career. Because I will be working full-time on Mistress which is now my only focus, my only project and only interest now, apart from my family, which has been the case since mid 2018.


Thank you VERY much for taking the time to peruse my website and to get to know a little about Mistress and I.


Much more to come ahead,..

Sincerely, Bruce

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