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I give in, I just can't fight this weather,... 🥵🌧

Apologies for both the lack of updates and videos. I really do wish that things had unfolded differently with Mistress' progress, including getting her to Lawries boat yard and launched! It actually pains and stresses me how things have unfolded. There is of course nobody else to 'blame' or point the finger at for anything, as the saying goes, the buck stops with me!

I feel that my hand/head has now been forced to accept that I just cannot fight this unusually long and persistent hot, humid and rainy weather (for this part of the world) in this less than ideal 'boat yard' that is Mistress' situation here. I may have now given in to this long run of unusually inclement weather, BUT, I am certainly not giving up on the work and plans to get Mistress finished and get her to the water.

Every single day I just cannot stop seeing the BIG and unavoidably important jobs in front of me, because I KNOW that not only must these be done as priorities but once all of the BIG ones are licked/done/ticked off/conquered, then all of the smaller ones will be dealt with so much quicker and are less affected by inclement weather. Getting the decks and then hull repainted are the LAST TWO Big jobs needing to be done. Btw the work has and does continue with a whole range of smaller jobs, whilst I have been unable to continue on the 'Plan A' main big jobs.

In retrospect, I guess that you could say that the first and failed RUSH attempt at getting Mistress launched, stopped my regular video output and because since then I have remained on that rather stressful and as it turns out hopeless work commitment, that my prior 'routine and commitment' to regular videos has definitely suffered and has not bounced back. I do however want and intend to return to making the videos following Mistress' journeys,... but I do feel a proverbial 'noose around my neck and time', to get these last two big jobs done, before I can relax a little and restore more of a sense of balance and de-stress about the whole bigger picture,... and calm those tormenting demons down!

So much and many of the smaller jobs with boat building really do depend on the bigger ones being completed and this is certainly also the case with these last two decks and hull painting ones for Mistress. I am SO CLOSE to a domino's falling effect, once this painting is behind me,...

I humbly request and ask you to 'keep your faith' in Mistress' journeys and to wish me the luck/favour of the Gods that the wheels of progress return, sooner rather than later,....

Thank you 🙏 ⛵

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You can't fight the weather, with that said enjoy some slow times because it should very busy after the weather clears.

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