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The merchandise is ALMOST here people!

Well amongst ALL of the good Mistress boatwork, youtube video production and associated online work and of course daily life's chores and necessities,....

I have over the past 3 months been working on getting some GOOD QUALITY SY Mistress merchandise manufactured to offer to those interested AND which is a way for people to SUPPORT Mistress' journey! This has been quite a lot of work because in order to offer the quality items that I want at what I consider reasonable prices I decided to contract different local specialist suppliers and then I will be handling the orders and postage.

So already in the manufacturing pipeline and awaiting delivery are Stubby coolers and Koozies - 2 different colours of each, Baseball and Truckers caps - 4 different colours and with some T's, Polo's and jumpers/sweaters being still worked out, to come hopefully not too far ahead! 🤩

This, although sapping some of my MOST desired actual boatwork time, has been quite exciting and yet another area of learning and skill for me learn!

I hope that these LIMITED EDITION items will be of interest to people and we will see how all of this goes and what the responses are AND in order to direct me for how to proceed beyond this FIRST FORAY in to providing some COOL and QUALITY good Building SY Mistress merchandise! 😁⛵

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