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WELL, FAR OUT was that some unwanted stress, HA! ๐Ÿ˜† I thought that I may have been able to get away with just gently offering a humble and amateur version of both my website and the NEW merchandise,..... Aaaahhh NO, that was quite a FAIL! โŒ๐Ÿ˜ฃ However it has led to me NEEDING to up-school and YET AGAIN get educated about more techy stuff to get something that will 1)be understandable to others reading the information and what I am offering and 2)actually function properly! I absolutely WELCOME learning more and about things that I am clueless about, BUT, when I am FORCED into it because of a time limit (yet again by my own decisions of course!) AND it involves MORE THAN hours, spilling over to days, it really is somewhat stressful! BUT (and I definitely surprised myself) I actually did it, it was not easy but I have learned SO MUCH (for me!) about website development including adding ecommerce! I could not have pulled this off and got the results that I feel that I have without the FANTASTIC support team from my website host at and the good help of a few good people that I asked to review my changes along the way, including good Patron Frans, to provide valuable feedback to help me further tune the changes that I have arrived at, so THANK YOU SINCERELY to those people! So I INTRODUCE you to my MUCH IMPROVED SY Mistress website and hope that you will take a little time to check it out and peruse the now up and running cool Building SY Mistress merchandise store and even PURCHASE for yourself a good "Building SY Mistress" VERY useable item and souvenir! ๐Ÿ˜

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