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Well, the good boatwork all came to a sudden STOP at the end of February 2021 when my right knee "blew out" = I experienced severe pain to the knee whilst out on a light jog trying to return my usual jogging, something that I have done for most of my life and love. I could not even weight bear/put any weight on it and had to limp back to Mistress.

Medical and Orthopod. specialist investigations revealed the worst type of tear to my (medial) meniscus, a complete radial tear as well as other damage to my other/lateral meniscus, patella/knee cap and femur/bone damage. Whilst waiting for the surgical operation I saw my Physiotherapist who helped me over the 2 month wait period to be able to walk normally again and with minimal pain.

I had the operation end of May which rendered me VERY out of action! I was not to put ANY weight on my right leg AT ALL for 6 weeks and had to strictly use crutches for this time as well as wearing a leg brace at all times, except washing. This was AGONY for in particular my Left shoulder and also my boatwork momentum and aspirations,....

BUT, I am stickler for good rules that make sense and so have been a good boy by following all of the medical advice and things are going well!

It is now ~2 months post-op. and 4 weeks into my rehab. and with my excellent Physio's good rehab. it has all progressed "VERY WELL", as both he and the Surgeon attest to. So I continue with the rehab. plan as well as other associated appointments, which all up from operation date will be a six month period. All continuing well I am being told by these good medical professionals that I WILL be able to return to my jogging, which is very important to me, as well all of my prior normal life - WOOHOO! 😁🙏

I am SO HAPPY about this outcome!

And although I am just 2 months post-op., with this good progress I am now just starting back with the good boatwork on Mistress and providing that I continue to be extra careful with my right knee (in particular not to twist at all) and don't try to push myself with the work I do expect that I will be able to get back to boatwork slowly and just build up carefully over the next 4 months.

The good boatwork will be back in full swing soon ahead, Yeeww! 🙂👌⛵

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