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Epoxy painted and going in,..

Getting all of those main bulkheads epoxy painted (X3 coats both sides plus all edges) over the past ~2 weeks was not hard work but it did take quite a lot of time.

I got some other things happening also such as a replacement porthole window made up (because it got damaged by somebody else when getting a little job done on the frame : l ) and the prep. work for doing some small paintwork repairs/re-painting both inside and out due to the rigours of Mistress being a workplace as well as the passage of time causing some small rust spots on the deck.

There is A LOT of good viewing on the inside of Mistress now with getting all of those main bulkheads back in AND PERMANENTLY!

And there should be some good viewing ahead because some next projects will be starting this week!

All the best!

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