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Video editing software by NCH Videopad are RUBBISH!

Updated: May 27, 2019

A POST FROM Patreon -

US Antigoon Amazing..I understand the frustrations with Video rendering .. I switched to 4K and had to buy a new iMac Pro to get the memory, CPU and GPU I was looking for. Now it flies..But these 4K files are huge..You are rendering in 1080p which is more than enough ..In fact for tablets and phones 720p is fine as well.. Keep in mind that YouTube does adaptive streaming. (reduces from 1080p downwards to fit the users bandwidth..) No more job to go to or looking for a different job requiring less traveling.. Anyway, love the progress .. Keep up the good work and I hope the new Dell is doing the rendering job you are looking for.. SY Mistress Thanks very much US.A! I can say that the MAIN cause of the problems that I have had over the past 3 weeks are directly related to the computer and video editing and publishing issues! SO MUCH TIME WASTING!!! It all had me for days and days, turned to weeks, going back and forwards and waiting, waiting, waiting for SLOW online answers to get it sorted! The new DELL with it's dedicated GPU is really good and yes VERY fast! BUT, and yes there STILL is a BUT,... I am STILL having major issues with the video editing software (PAID for!) which you can see in Ep.37 where there are many black frames popping up throughout this video! The reason for these is that I had to cut and delete dozens and dozens of added image glitches, among hours and hours of other editing, that the software program added throughout the completed video draft?!?! Ep.37 is the first video that I have edited with the new DELL and it was the quickest and easiest that I have done yet! But when I downloaded it, it was completely messed up! I tried and tried to re-download it from the PERFECT version from the software draft, but it would not download what the perfect draft version was! It definitely looked and felt malware! I have complained and sought help SO MANY TIMES to the software program Co. NCH Videopad, (I WANT TO SPREAD THE WORD OF HOW TERRIBLE AND CRAP THEY AND THEIR software ARE!!!!) and although I stopped using this program 2 to 3 weeks ago and rather unsuccessfully tried others including Adobe Premiere Pro, I FINALLY decided yesterday after using Videopad for Ep.37 to demand my full money back (through paypal and isn't it good to pay through them in times like this!!) which NCH have said they would. I do not think they would have were it not for me initialising a complaint through paypal! Thanks once again friend, I really appreciate your good and positive comments!

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